4 successful tips for Guangdong booth construction and design Article source:BEST EXHIBITION  Author:admin  Issuing time:2023/1/19
      Every exhibitor, whether novice or experienced, needs to make a good impression at every trade show, and above all, the stand construction that the visitors see. Some creative ideas must be captured to attract the attention of visitors, showcase products and services, and convey brand information. Here, Paserto shares 4 tips, which can more effectively help the booth construction to be successful.
      1. Check out previous booth construction plans

       If you have participated in this type of exhibition in the past, the first thing to do is to check the information to avoid showroom design repeats and avoids making the same mistakes. Get the previous year's exhibit plan on paper, plan your current showroom design accordingly, and must be aware of what your competitors are doing in terms of stand construction.

       2. Provide effective light boxes and backlights for booth construction
  Improvements in LED lighting have driven the overall concept of using light boxes in the showroom design, which integrate attractive background lighting into the stand construction.
       3. Understand the new booth construction plan
       The exhibition industry is constantly advancing and changing, giving exhibitors enough choices. From tablet computers to LCD screens, it is an innovative idea to introduce these elements into the exhibition hall, making the booth construction more effective.
       4. Always maintain booth construction to meet new trends
Andnbsp; Every component of booth construction should speak to the business, complement the brand image and key messages, be sure to get the showroom design according to new market trends, and fit within the budget.
       If a full-service showroom building facility is required, or if exhibiting products and services are completely different at each show, then leasing is the option and everything will be planned, including design, floor covering, hanging Banner, audiovisual, catering, transportation, construction and demolition services reduce costs.
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