How Guangdong booth construction design can enhance brand effect Article source:BEST EXHIBITION  Author:admin  Issuing time:2023/1/18
       The emergence of booth construction design is to improve the company image of exhibitors and publicize the company's products and business. In the early stage of the exhibition, a booth design plan is required. This plan will lead the exhibitors to complete the entire process of the booth design. Generally, many exhibitors will specially invite a professional and reliable booth design company with booth construction experience to design and build. The exhibition purpose is to increase external publicity for exhibitors. So a good booth design not only needs to be beautiful in appearance, it needs to consider many aspects, so the design of booth construction How to enhance the brand effect? Paserto will take everyone to understand.
1. The principle of purpose
Exhibition planning begins with the selection of exhibition goals, is implemented in the realization of exhibition goals, and is reflected in every design detail. Following the purposeful principle, designers should handle the following relationships:
(1) Handle the relationship between exhibitors and designers well

Exhibition design requires designers not to create a work of art according to their own ideas, but to use technology and creativity to reflect and express the intention, style and image of exhibitors, so as to achieve the desired purpose and effect of exhibitors.

How to build and design Guangdong booths Enhance brand effect

(2) Handle the relationship between art and exhibition well
No matter what design techniques and skills are used, no matter what background (including display racks, props, decorations) is used, the protagonists are the booth and the exhibits, and they should not overwhelm the guests. The content of the exhibition cannot be restricted by the way of expression, and the design cannot be highlighted and the booth and exhibits cannot be neglected. The quality of the design does not depend on how much money is spent, or whether it meets the artistic standards, but whether the booth can reflect the image and intention of the exhibitor, whether it can attract the attention of visitors, and whether the exhibits can reflect the characteristics and advantages.
2. Functional principle
Exhibition design should also be functional. Designers also need to consider internal functions when designing external forms and images, that is, to provide a good environment and conditions for booth personnel and booth work. Because the realization of the purpose of the exhibition ultimately depends on the booth personnel, and the work efficiency of the booth personnel ultimately determines the exhibition effect. In a comfortable, functional environment, booth personnel can work more efficiently.
Guangdong Baisetu warns all exhibitors that the appearance design of the exhibition is an important part, but it must be understood that the exhibition design is not the purpose of the exhibition, but only a means to achieve the purpose of the exhibition; it must be understood that the art of exhibition is to use specific means to express Abstract exhibition intention, and then the exhibition function cannot be obliterated by art.
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