Necessary Elements of Guangdong Exhibition Hall Design Article source:BEST EXHIBITION  Author:admin  Issuing time:2023/1/12
     In the Guangdong exhibition hall design industry, there are many stunning and refined exhibition hall designs that fascinate people. These excellent exhibition hall designs can often bring unexpected display effects. So, what factors are needed to create a stunning and refined exhibition hall design? Bai Setu shared the experience of exhibition hall design.

   1. Space design. Aesthetics is the most basic expression of the exhibition hall. The space design of the exhibition hall should not only be reasonably planned and beautiful in shape, but also on the basis of aesthetics and reasonableness, pay attention to the interaction and integration with the display content, and the styles can have their own characteristics and unique creativity. , and can maintain harmony and unity with the entire exhibition hall space, and then perfectly combine with the exhibition content, design a reasonable visiting line, so that the order of visitors to watch and understand the exhibition content is consistent with the context of the exhibition content, so that visitors can truly understand the exhibition. Party intent.

Design of Guangdong Exhibition Hall

    2. Multimedia. Multimedia exhibits serve the content. When designing multimedia exhibits, one should not just pursue cool technology and leave nothing behind. Appropriate content should be expressed in appropriate multimedia form, and the two should be closely integrated. The multimedia exhibition items generally used in the exhibition hall mainly include digital sand table, arc screen projection, holographic projection, interactive device, VR scene restoration, etc., adopting different carrying forms according to the display content can increase the diversity of the exhibition hall, interactive experience and Interesting, creating a strong sense of technology atmosphere and an immersive space for immersion.
    3. Lighting environment. Lighting is the colorant of the design space of the exhibition hall: through the cold, warm, bright and dark changes of the light, the color of the space can be reconciled and the rhythm of the space can be changed, which can increase the diversity of exhibition effects and effectively avoid visual fatigue and aesthetic fatigue of visitors , When designing exhibits, it is necessary to match the lighting with the color according to the characteristics of the exhibits, highlight the exhibits, and create a visual sense of hierarchy.
    4. Art exhibition. The situational art installation design can relieve the visual fatigue of the audience after watching the graphic content for a long time. The display space is fuller and more humane, which makes the design content of the exhibition hall more friendly.
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